Actor Jonah Hill is convinced he is destined to die at the hands of wild animals after experiencing several scary run-ins with them.

The Wolf of Wall Street star has been attacked by birds and chased by rats, and he cannot understand what he has done to upset the animal kingdom.

He says, "It's not like I don't like (animals), I think they don't like me... One time I was in New York... and I was coming home late at night and a pack of rats chased me down the street... They formed a V and were running after me and I ran down the street as fast as I could.

"Then I'm scared of birds... and when I was about 20 I had my first serious girlfriend and I was all excited and I had lunch for her brother's high school graduation and we're all sitting there on the beach. They're all, like, tough, alpha male dudes, and... I see a bird flying at me and I scream and fall out my chair. I never recovered from that. I never won their respect back.

"And then a bird attacked me during (filming on) 22 Jump Street; it's in the movie. These things have it out for me."