Jonah Hill should probably be keeping his head down after calling someone a ‘fa**ot’. But the ‘22 Jump Street’ star is still delving into his risky jokes catalogue whenever he feels the need to, and decided Late Night With Seth Meyers would be a good time to mock his own Jewish heritage. 

22 Jump StreetChanning Tatum and Jonah Hill star in '22 Jump Street'

According to Hill, he and his Jump Street co-star, Channing Tatum, "literally look and act like we're from different planets!" In fact: "Like he's from planet hot, and I'm from planet Jew!" Of course, Hill is referencing Tatum’s status as a sex icon in comparison to his own, doughy physique.

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It’s that kind of self awareness that, according to Hill, is behind some of ’22 Jump Street’s’ success. The sequel has garnered a brilliant critical response, with some calling it the movie highlight of the year so far. 

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"With [21 Jump Street], we were really self aware about how stupid of an idea it was to turn an old TV show into a movie," Jonah explained. "So for this one [22 Jump Street], we were super aware to make fun of ourselves for making a sequel of a TV show that we turned into a movie." I figured out the perfect formula for filmmaking," he went on. "Do you wanna know what it is? We do it with the Jump Street movies. These movies should be so bad that the fact that they're decent makes them look really good." (Via E!)

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The movie, which follows a plot not too dissimilar to the first one, sees Tatum and Hill go to college to unfurl an elaborate drug ring feeding a certain narcotic into the campus. It hits cinemas in the U.K tonight (June 6) and in the U.S on June 13.