There's no denying the incredible impact Disney film 'Frozen' had upon the world, following its release all the way back in 2013. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find a family in the Western World who didn't know all of the words to the most famous song from the film, 'Let It Go'.

Jonathan Groff voices Kristoff (right) in 'Frozen' and the upcoming sequelJonathan Groff voices Kristoff (right) in 'Frozen' and the upcoming sequel

Now with a sequel underway, fans are going to be able to go on an adventure with their favourite 'Frozen' characters once more, including Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Kristoff; the latter of whom is played by Jonathan Groff.

Groff has this week spoken about the 'Frozen' sequel, revealing when he'll be returning to work on the franchise.

"I think I just got an email yesterday where I'm about to go into the recording studio in a couple of weeks, or maybe a month?" he said, in a chat with Entertainment Weekly. "They're about to really get into the thick of recording it, which I'm excited about. I don't know anything about it yet other than I'm about to start recording my section of it...

"I'm just excited that I'm in it, you know? Excited to be in it and that creative team [directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck and the two songwriters] is also just so amazing, so I'm excited to get back in a room with them and play around... The four of them are such an awesome team and I really, really love them."

Hearing Groff's passion about the 'Frozen' sequel is really something special. The film is one that was hyped so much during its original release, that many people grew tired of hearing about it and listening to the various songs that it spawned. Fortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case with the actor here.

Anything he knows about the storyline of the sequel, he's keeping closely under wraps, as he teases that he only recognises he'll be going into the recording booth to get some lines and perhaps some songs done, giving no further details about what that may specifically entail.

With a release date confirmed, at least fans can now start planning their 'Frozen' viewing parties and trips to the movie theatre in advance! It's going to be one chilly winter come 2019...

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With work now fully underway on 'Frozen 2', fans can expect to hit the cinema to see the Walt Disney Studios production on November 27, 2019.