Jonathan Lipnicki, the child actor who rose to fame alongside Tom Cruise in the hit movie 'Jerry Maguire', was slammed on 'Family Guy' on Sunday night (10th October 2010) The show poked fun at the 19-year-old in a sequence involving 'Peter' attempting to help fix his father-in-law Carter's marriage, reports the Los Angeles Times. Peter suggests that Carter should befriend a small child, in true romantic-comedy tradition.
Peter says, "If I've learned anything from romantic comedies, it's that the ex-wife always falls in love with her husband again after he befriends a little kid", before adding, "And the kid needs to be really cute so I ordered Jonathan Lipnicki". However, the doorbell then rings and an off-camera Peter is heard screaming, "Oh my God, what happened to you?" poking fun at Lipnicki's dramatic change in appearance since he played the bespectacled 6-year-old in 'Jerry Maguire'.
The episode led to a spate of fans consoling the actor on his Twitter page, but Lipnicki responded by saying, "Hey guys thanks for the love, but I don't feel bad about what they said on family guy. It was all in good fun, I've worked on that show B4".