Jonathan Lipnicki, the American actor best known for playing Renne Zellweger's spectacle-wearing son in the hit movie 'Jerry Maguire', has been granted a restraining order against an ex-girlfriend who broke into his apartment and threatened him. Jonathan Lipnicki, now 20-years-old, alleges that the woman threatened to "annihilate" him, reports E! Online.
Lipnicki claims in court papers that he was asleep in his North Hollywood home on 14th May 2011 when his roommates let 20-year-old actress Amber Watson into the apartment. Watson proceeded to run into the former child-star's bedroom, pulled off his sheets, and threatened him. The actor alleges, "When I tried to get up, she tried to pin me to my bed. I had to move her off me physically...she threatened to annihilate me". A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge granted a temporary restraining order on 16th May 2011 requiring the actress to stay at least 100 yards away from Lipnicki at all times. A hearing has been set for 7th June 2011 to discuss whether the order should be extended. The actor recently completed work on the forthcoming crime-drama 'For the Love of Money', with Edward Furlong and James Caan. Spanning over two decades, the movie follows the true account of an Israeli immigrant who goes in search of the American Dream.
The hit animated comedy 'Family Guy' poked fun at Jonathan Lipnicki during an episode back in October 2010. The show's main character 'Peter Griffin' referenced Lipnicki's dramatic change in appearance since he played the bespectacled 6-year-old in 'Jerry Maguire'.