When 18.09.2013

'Jerry Maguire' star Jonathan Lipnicki chats to paparazzi outside the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood during the opening night of the stage production of 'The Wizard Of Oz'. Paparazzi stop him and asked if he has downloaded the iOS7 iPhone update yet, which he confesses he hasn't.

One photographer asks about his martial arts training. 'I train, I'm not a fighter, I never said I was but I train in jujitsu primarily', he replies, and admits that he needs to work on his lifting after rumours arose that someone was to challenge him to an arm wrestle. He is also asked if he has ever watched any of his movies with the directors' commentary, to which he replies, 'No, I don't even own any of my movies.'


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Jonathan Lipnicki Talks Jujitsu And iOS7...