Jonathan Rhys Meyers doesn't touch alcohol anymore.

The 'Dracula' star checked himself into rehab three times between 2005 to 2009 for alcohol abuse, and he has remained teetotal since his last bout of treatment.

He said: ''I have nothing at all. Once you make a decision that you've had enough of something, then the decision is made.''

The 36-year-old actor - who was banned from a flight at JFK airport after downing a bottle a vodka in the morning - decided to pack in the drunken nights out and wild parties because he feared he'd ruin his career and hurt his loved ones.

The 'Dracula' star explained: ''I was wild as you can get. I had a good chat with my really close friends and my family and I just came to the end of whatever. Going out and getting p***ed got really boring because I knew where I was going to end up.''

Despite his rocky past, Jonathan believes he'd be a good father if he were to have children in the future because he'd spoil them rotten.

Speaking during an appearance on 'The Jonathan Ross Show' which will air tomorrow (02.11.13), he said: ''I'm unmarried and have no children and I'm all the better for it.

''I think I'd be a good dad, a fun dad, I'd find it very hard not to spoil a kid. I've got a godson and I spoil him as much as I can. But yes, I'm not married and have no kids, it just hasn't happened.''