Jonathan Rhys Meyers will be eyeing up necks and running from garlic after it was revealed that his latest role will be that of the fabled count Dracula. Meyers has become somewhat known for playing roles set in times past, having portrayed Henry Viii in Bbc drama 'The Tudors' as well as 'Albert Nobbs' (though let's not forget his star turn in 2003's 'Bend It Like Beckham'), and it'll be another turn to the past with 'Dracula' set in the 19th century.
The Los Angeles Times reports that NBC have announced that the ten-part series will see Meyers, as the count, travelling to London in the 1890s. Posing as an American entrepreneur seeking to introduce modern technology to Victorian society, he'll in fact be exacting revenge on those who ruined his life centuries before. Sneaky. Love looks set to ruin it though, as the count apparently falls in love with a girl who - who'd have guessed it - could well be a reincarnation of a former love of his.
It's a heavyweight team behind the series, co-executive producer Cole Haddon is on board whilst Colin Callender, the former president of HBO Films, is producing alongside Tony Krantz, former Reece Pearson.