American Sherlock Holmes adaptation 'Elementary' is now in its second season in America, but premièred last night on Sky Living in the UK. 

Film and television have made done some excellent updated adaptations of classic literature over the past few years. ITV did a great series of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales retold in a contemporary context, and Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet, starring Leonardi DiCaprio and Claire Danes, was another triumph. Of late, Sherlock Holmes adaptations have been in vogue. Benedict Cumberbatch updated the baker-street sleuth in the UK, to excellent critical acclaim, and now Jonny Lee Miller has taken the baton in the US, alongside Lucy Liu playing 'Dr Joan Watson'. 

Jonny Lee Miller's Sherlock is an ex-Scotland Yard consultant who has relocated to New York after battling with a drug addiction. Liu's Watson is appointed to be his rehab companion. Elementary has been met with a reception on the warmer side of luke-warm, but certainly no one has been blown away by this new version of Holmes. The Telegraph said "Liu was as watchable as ever, the hint of sexual tension between her Watson and Holmes a nice bit of spice. The writing and plotting weren't bad either." And the Guardian's review of it spent more time analysing the history of other adapted shows and updates, than on Elementary and its attributes, its highest praise seemed to be rooted in the "definite sense of watching a very slick and skilful translation of Sherlock". Nevertheless, it's certainly worth a watch if you enjoy a good crime show, Sherlock Holmes is one of literature's character with the most intrigue and staying power, no doubt Elementary is just one more of many more adaptations to come.