The star of the latest Sherlock Holmes reincarnation, Jonny Lee Miller, who plays the mercurial crime solver in Elementary, has admitted he had no idea just how entertaining the originals were. 

"I wouldn't call myself a real Sherlock Holmes fan. I hadn't read any of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's books. But when I took the project on, I really immersed myself in them. They are so much more entertaining than I ever thought they would be," Said Miller in an interview with Metro, before elaborating on the intricacies of fame. "The day that isn't strange will be a sad day. I had to sit my little boy down and explain to him why, when he is standing on the street with his mum and a bus goes past, it has Daddy on the side. That has got to be quite odd for a three-year-old."

Elementary, whilst staying true to many of the tropes so affectionately held by the original character, does have a few differences; most notably, Holmes is in rehab rather than an avid user of opiates. "Back when the stories were written, Sherlock's drug use was legal and the adverse effects of opium and cocaine hadn't been documented. But if you transpose this character through time, you can't really have him using drugs in such a flamboyant way today and not really address that it is a problem. It is an interesting part of his character," explained Miller. 

The show, however, doesn't really live up to the U.K adaptation starring Benedict Cumberpatch. Tepid reviews from critics have lead to an average overall response, but real fans of the Holmes/Watson dynamic will probably find something to love.