Get Out director Jordan Peele has waded into a controversy that’s been ignited after the Golden Globes panel faced confusion over which precise category to place the film under – ending up choosing the comedy category, rather strangely.

The critically lauded film was holed as a horror film – pretty uncontroversially, really – right from its debut at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival back in January. Furthermore, it got great reviews for its insights on race relations in America, telling the story of a young black man (played by Daniel Kaluuya) who meets the middle-class family of his white girlfriend (played by Allison Williams) when horror ensues.

However, the 2018 Golden Globes nominations that were rolled out this morning placed Get Out in the comedy-musical category, which left many onlookers rather bewildered, none more so than the director himself.

Jordan Peele'Get Out' director Jordan Peele

Get Out is a documentary,” the 38 year old actor-turned-director tweeted on Wednesday morning (November 15th), tongue firmly in cheek.

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Peele appeared on CBS show ‘This Morning’ the same day, to explain the creative process behind his breakout film which scooped more than $200 million in American box offices.

“We felt like racism was not being called it sufficiently enough for us,” he said. Peele has previously explained that Get Out was “his own truth” and based on his experiences, which the interviews asked him to expand upon in the interview.

get out

“My truth as a black man, my perspective that I haven't seen in film before, I haven't seen that represented,” he responded.

Despite his confusion at the film being labelled a comedy and his statement about it being a documentary, Peele suggested that making a horror and a comedy were actually quite similar processes. “They're both about truth,” he said. “If you are not accessing something that feels true, you’re not doing it right… you have to be very tuned in to the audience and their emotion.”

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