Apparently it's super easy to get Oscar winning filmmaker Jordan Peele and basketball hero Jordan Poole mixed up, because the former was receiving congratulatory messages all day following the latter's NCAA Tournament win. Far from correcting people though, Peele decided to accept the kind words about his top form.

Jordan Peele at the Vanity Fair Oscars partyJordan Peele at the Vanity Fair Oscars party

The 'Get Out' director must have been more than a little confused when people started given him virtual pats on the back via social media for landing the winning jumpshot for the Michigan Wolverines against Houston over the weekend, but he responded hilariously.

'I wanna thank everyone for the congratulatory messages', he wrote on Twitter after clocking the confusion. 'When you practice your jump shot as much as I have, you just hope one day it'll pay off.'

Meanwhile, up and coming sports star Poole also found the whole thing amusing, and seized the opportunity to shout out to the filmmaker, himself being a huge fan of his work. 'Lol congrats on the Oscar big man!!! Much deserved', he wrote. 'Huge fan of 'Key & Peele' and 'Get Out' was [fire emojis].'

The comment came as Peele considered congratulating Poole on his Oscar, as if people had been confusing the two men on that score too. 'Was gonna say the exact same thing to you!!' He joked.

Still, there are definitely worse people to be mistaken for, and after Poole's winning shot with 3.6 seconds left of the game and his team already down by two points, nobody's going to complain about being of a similar namesake.

While Poole definitely has an extraordinary sporting career ahead of him, Peele is currently writing and producing the new comedy series 'The Last O.G.' starring Tracy Morgan, as well as the Henry Selick animation 'Wendell and Wild' in which he also lends his voice. 

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He's also writing and producing the forthcoming historical drama 'Lovecraft Country', he's on the production team for Spike Lee's Ron Stallworth biopic 'Black Klansman', and he'll make an appearance in Evan Marlowe's 'Abruptio' opposite James Marsters.