Joseph Gordon-Levitt is close to finalizing a deal to produce, direct and star in a Warner Bros movie adaptation of Neil Gaiman's comic book classic, Sandman. Gordon-Levitt made his feature directorial debut with the well-received Don Jon, though a Sandman movie would be far greater in scale.

Joseph Gordon LevittJoseph Gordon-Levitt Will Helm 'Sandman'

The comic book shifts between horror and fantasy and follows the central character Morpheus, the personification of dreams. After being held captive for 70 years, he escapes, gains revenge and attempts to rebuild his kingdom. 

Warner Bros has tried for years to get a Sandman script right and it appears as though they've finally done it. The studio is big on Gordon-Levitt, who starred in both The Dark Knight Rises and Inception and the actor is about to star in another graphic novel movie, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, which Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller presided over. 

According to Deadline, Levitt will be working on the project with David S. Goyer, the screenwriter, director, novelist, and comic book writer behind the Blade trilogy, the Dark Knight trilogy, Dark City and Man of Steel.

Sandman helped establish DC's Vertigo imprint and won several awards. It was also one of the few comics that transcended comics crowd and became popular in intellectual and art worlds. It also won a considerable female following, which should help at the box-office once the movie eventually hits cinemas. 

Neil GaimanNeil Gaiman Will Work Closely with Gordon-Levitt and David S. Goyer

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