Josh Brolin gobbled up sandwiches while playing U.S. leader GEORGE W. Bush in Oliver Stone's new biopic W after learning the President is a compulsive eater.
The actor admits he ate 15 sandwiches in one scene because he wanted to show the movie audience that his character can't just sit and listen.
Brolin explains his research led him to believe Bush's eating habits are related to an "attention deficit disorder thing."
He says, "It's a diversion tactic, it's something to do. It's like an actor who needs props until they don't need the props. He just never got to the point where he didn't need the props.
"He quit smoking and drinking; then what? You run, you bike, you eat, you go to war. He would eat like two or three tins of Altoids a day."
But the film's screenwriter, Stanley Weiser, insists Brolin could have taken Bush's bad eating habits even further: "He does eat with his mouth open and doesn't care if he eats with his mouth open."