Actor Josh Brolin may be used to playing tougher characters in his movies but it seems that he blurred the lines between fiction and reality when he got into a bar fight last Saturday night with a member of the venue's security team in Santa Monica, L.A.

Josh Brolin
Josh Could Still Be Hungover After A Heavy Night's Drinking That Ended Violently.

The very drunken 45 year-old had been drinking heavily at the O'Briens Irish Pub in the Californian beach town when he reacted violently to being asked to leave by a bouncer at approximately 2am, TMZ reports. TMZ's footage show Brolin taking swipes at the bouncer with few punches actually landing on the man.

Bizarrely, the fight culminated in "gigantic bear hug" with the bouncer outside the venue before he broke loose and ran away into the night, according to witnesses. Apparently, the pair were hugging because the security guy had tricked Brolin into thinking they had been hugging earlier in the evening too. The bouncer tried to hail a taxi to get Brolin home safety but not before the True Grit star had fled the scene.

Josh Brolin Labour Day
Don't Make Eye Contact!

Though it was closing time at the Santa Monica bar, there were plenty of onlookers to witness the peculiar scene of furious fisticuffs followed by fond embraces. Lucky for Josh, who is Barbra Streisand's stepson, it doesn't look like anyone called the cops after witnessing what could have turned into a nasty drunken bar brawl.

Josh Brolin Men In Black
"Who's Next?"

It's not the first time the actor has had problems with alcohol related violence. In 2008 Brolin was taken into custody for becoming violent in a in Shreveport, Louisiana bar but he later took a plea deal in the case. Additionally, last New Year's Eve he was arrested in Santa Monica for public intoxication and was released the next day after paying a $250 fine.

Neither the actor nor his representatives have publically commented on the incident. We reckon he's still in bed like a bear with a sore head.