Deadpool is without a doubt one of the most popular superheroes of the modern day. Lighting up the big screen in 2016 with his first solo movie - where Ryan Reynolds took up the role of the mischievous anti-hero - he's garnered more fans than ever before, and will return to movie theatres next year in a second solo outing.

Ryan Reynolds will return as the titular anti-hero, 'Deadpool'Ryan Reynolds will return as the titular anti-hero, 'Deadpool'

Written by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, Deadpool's second solo film will introduce the future mutant soldier son of X-Men leader Cyclops, otherwise known as Cable. For months there's been speculation as to who would step into that role, but now it's been confirmed that Josh Brolin has snagged the role.

The Oscar-nominated actor hasn't only taken the identity for a single movie however, instead inking a deal for four movies that will see him involved with the upcoming X-Force film releases. He's beaten out the likes of Michael Shannon, David Harbour and even Brad Pitt for the role.

Of course, Brolin isn't a stranger to the world of Marvel movies, as the actor has lent his vocal skills to the 'Avengers: Infinity War' villain Thanos. Now though he'll be able to get in front of the camera without the need for huge special effects to bring his character to life.

Fans aren't the only ones excited about the announcement, with 'Deadpool' voice actor Stefan Kapicic (he voices Colossus) speaking to about the news.

He said: "I'm so excited about this casting, it's the perfect casting for Cable. I'm a huge fan of Josh Brolin's work. He's an awesome actor and I'm totally excited to start working with him. It's gonna be an amazing road for the 'X-Force' movies, having someone like Josh Brolin to lead the franchise. Cable is one of my favourite characters and this is really something I was hoping for.

"He's an unbelievable actor and a perfect Cable. I think Fox made a perfect choice with Josh Brolin and I think that's the spice we need for a sequel for 'Deadpool'. Everything else about the movie was perfect, and this was the only missing piece that we now have. I'm so proud to be a part of this cast."

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'Deadpool 2' comes to movie theatres on March 2, 2018, following the release of Rob Liefeld's new graphic novel 'Deadpool: Bad Blood' on May 17, 2017.