There was only one thing going through Gangster Squad star Josh Brolin's mind when he was signing autographs for fans Outside The Late Show Studios: "where's radio man?"

As you can see, he located the infamous Radioman - a former homeless man who gained notoriety after making over 100 cameo appearances - and got his picture snapped by the press. 

It was a hectic 2012 for Brolin, which sees him star in three films in 2013, starting with Gangster Squad, released today (Friday, 11 Jan), Labor Day and Oldboy - the American remake of the bloody Japanese classic. 

"For some reason, I'm an idiot, and I just keep working. I like to work. I like to keep myself going and challenged. It feels good," Brolin told the Fresno Bee in a recent interview. "I don't know why some people don't like to work that much. There's a whole acting thing now where you do a movie and then you wait two, three years and then do another movie. Back in the day -- in the '40s -- people did five, six movies in a year. That was the deal. You didn't have a choice if you worked for the studio because they would put you right into another film. So, I think I've found some happy medium that works for me."

Here's the Gangster Squad trailer, in case you're thinking of heading to the pictures tonight: