Josh Duhamel's charitable nature makes him more attractive to his wife Fergie.

The Black Eyed Peas singer told how proud she is of her spouse as he was awarded the Red Cross Spirit Award at the charity's annual Red Tie Affair over the weekend in recognition of his work with the charity after the Haiti earthquake in 2010 and more recently helped raise $150,000 for victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, with his Tokidoki relief run, which was held on Santa Monica beach, on March 27.

Fergie told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I'm so proud, because a few tragedies have happened and Josh just got up and had this idea to create a run. It's really attractive that my husband thinks of these things."

Josh, 38, joked they had been invited back to the fundraiser because he and Fergie had donated so much in a previous year's auction.

He said: "I think it might be because my wife spent so much money at the auction last year that they invited us back. They needed an excuse so they gave me an award!"

The 'New Year's Eve' star did also have an important message to deliver regarding Japan, which has seen its Miyagi prefecture rocked by further earthquakes last week and today (11.04.11) following the initial disaster in March, which left thousands homeless and bereaved.

He added: "There's usually a media blitz at the beginning with something like this and then they go on to the next thing. Right now Japan is really hurting and I think that people should remember that."

The event also saw stars including Paris Hilton and rocker Pete Wentz attend, while actress Betty White was also honoured for her work with the charity.

She said: "Growing up, sort of the one solid, positive of my earliest memories were when anything went wrong the Red Cross was always there."