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Murder On The Orient Express Trailer

It's the 1930s and a group of strangers from different walks of life board a crowded luxury train called the Orient Express in Istanbul, preparing for a long overnight journey to their destination. Among them is the world famous detective Hercule Poirot who certainly isn't expecting to be working in such circumstances, but when a passenger named Edward Ratchett is found havng been brutally murdered in his sleep on the second night, it's up to him to gather all available evidence and wheedle out all of the suspects. So who are they? He soon deduces that the potential killer could be one of eleven including Professor Gerhard Hardman, Edward Masterman the Butler, Count Andrenyi, Hector MacQueen the Assistant, Mary Debenham the Governess, Pilar Estravados the Missionary, Mrs. Hubbard the Widow, Marquez the Salesman, Hildegarde Schmidt the Maid, Doctor Arbuthnot or Princess Dragomiroff. 

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Beauty And The Beast Review


This remake of Disney's 1991 classic is remarkably faithful, using present-day digital animation effects to give the story a photo-realistic sheen. The addition of more songs makes it feel much more like a big movie musical. And the use of real actors adds quite a lot of detail and subtext in the character interaction. But basically, this is still the same romantic fairy tale: lovely to look as it makes the audience swoon and sigh.

It's set in a French village, where Belle (Emma Watson) is looked at with suspicion by her neighbours for her empowered-female ways, reading books, expressing her opinions and running the farm where she lives with her single dad Maurice (Kevin Kline). It's no wonder that the vain soldier Gaston (Luke Evans) pursues her, since she's the only girl who isn't chasing him. Then one day Maurice and Belle have a fateful encounter with a castle hidden in a deep woods under a curse. Imprisoned by its beastly master (Dan Stevens), Belle befriends the staff, who have been transformed into household objects like a lampstand (Ewan McGregor), clock (Ian McKellen), teapot (Emma Thompson), harpsichord (Stanley Tucci) and feather duster (Gugu Mbatha-Raw). All of them conspire to help Belle fall in love with the Beast, which would break the spell.

Director Bill Condon (who made Dreamgirls and the final Twilight movies) makes the most of the live-action cast, allowing them to stir all kinds of undercurrents into their roles, which adds weight and interest to the rather predictable storyline. The film still looks largely animated thanks to an extensive use of digital backgrounds and characters, but the actors add an earthy tone that breaks the surface, bringing in some more textured emotions and sharper humour. The whole cast is excellent, with particular scene-stealing energy coming from Evans and Josh Gad (as his super-faithful sidekick LeFou), who are both funny and villainous at the same time. And Kline is also a standout for a surprisingly thoughtful performance.

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Bigots Are Going Out Of Their Way To Ban 'Beauty And The Beast'

Disney Bill Condon Josh Gad

The revelation that the upcoming live action version of 'Beauty and the Beast' will feature Disney's first gay character has caused predictable controversy, with one Alabama drive-in even going as far as banning screenings of the film and Russia has also been called to boycott the movie.

'Beauty and the Beast'People are really angry about 'Beauty and the Beast' news

A small drive-in in Henagar, Alabama are refusing to show the forthcoming blockbuster starring Emma Watson, Luke Evans and Dan Stevens simply because director Bill Condon recently cited that Gaston's sidekick LeFou (played by Josh Gad) was openly gay with feelings for his master. We doubt this will make a significant dint in the film's profits.

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Josh Gad Recalls The First Time He Watched Beauty And The Beast

Josh Gad

Disney's live action remake of 'Beauty and the Beast' is, at this point, pretty much guaranteed to be a solid release of the year with a stellar cast and a visually stunning set. But for Josh Gad, there's a level of excitement that the original brought that gives the new version a lot to live up to.

Beauty and the BeastJosh Gad stars alongside Luke Evans in 'Beauty and the Beast'

Movie theatres are generally silent places, save for the occasional rustle of popcorn, a laugh if it's a comedy, and a scream if it's a horror. But when Josh Gad, who plays Gaston's sidekick Le Fou, went to see the animated 'Beauty and the Beast' for the first time at a South Florida cinema in 1991, he experienced a reaction that has stayed with him to this day.

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Beauty And The Beast Trailer

Take a closer look at the cast of 'Beauty and the Beast' in the final trailer for the forthcoming live-action Disney re-boot. Gaston loves himself more than Belle, Belle loves books more than boys, and Maurice loves his daughter more than anybody else. Meanwhile, the Beast hates everything and everyone equally, but that's about to change when Belle volunteers herself as his prisoner in exchange for her father's freedom. She has much pity for the Beast and wants to make the best out of a terrible situation, especially when he presents her with the library of her dreams. He's relying on her love to rescue him from the curse that binds him in his monstrous form, and to rescue his friends and servants from their furnitural guises. But together they have an important lesson to learn about love and companionship.

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'A Dog's Purpose' Under Fire Over Alleged Animal Cruelty On Set

Lasse Hallstrom Josh Gad Dennis Quaid

Animal lovers and PETA have reacted with anger after a dog was seen apparently being forced into a stream of running water on the set of Dennis Quaid's new film 'A Dog's Purpose'. Producers from the movie have since denied that the animal was forced to do anything during filming.

Lasse HallstromLasse Hallstrom 'disturbed' by video from the filming of his movie 'A Dog's Purpose'

In the forthcoming comedy drama 'A Dog's Purpose', one canine soul explores his various existences as different breeds of dogs with different owners and a range of purposes. Based on the 2010 novel of the same name by W. Bruce Cameron, it has been directed by Oscar nominated Swedish filmmaker Lasse Hallström.

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Beauty and the Beast Trailer

To outsiders, the castle which sits on the outskirts of a small town is just another run down building soon to be turned into ruins but the secrets the beautiful building hold are some laced in magic.

The royal prince who lives in the castle hasn't been seen for years and no one but a witch knows the truth of what happened to him. When Prince Adam was young, he was confronted by a witch seeking shelter from the weather in return for a beautiful rose. The young prince had little time for beggars and dismissed the old woman without much of a thought. As punishment for his cruel arrogance and having seen the lack of love in his heart, the witch curses the prince and his castle.

Having been turned into an unsightly beast with horns and fur much like a goat, he now spends his life in a castle along with his bewitched staff - for they suffer the same curse as their master and have been turned into household objects. The witch didn't want to just punish the thoughtless Prince, she did give him a little hope - she left him with the rose he originally turned down; if he could find true love by the time the last petal fell from the rose on his 21st birthday, he and his castle would be free from the curse.

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Disney And Lego Teaming Up For New Multi-Media 'Frozen' Adventure 'Northern Lights'

Disney Idina Menzel Kristen Bell Josh Gad

Fans of Frozen won’t have to wait long for more material from the franchise, with Disney unveiling a new original story entitled 'Frozen Northern Lights' this week, a multi-media project that will be told via various art forms including books and short animated Lego videos.

All the original fan favourites will be getting back together, including Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Josh Gad and Jonathan Groff, in a new tale that will see the gang try to restore the Northern Lights. The series will include a new protagonist joining the gang, named Little Rock.

Frozen stillDisney and Lego are teaming up for a new 'Frozen' adventure entitled 'Northern Lights'

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Beauty And The Beast - Teaser Trailer

Disney have released the new teaser trailer for the remake of the much-loved animated film Beauty and the Beast. The 2017 version of this classic Disney film is a live-action movie and it is claimed that the Disney magic will not be lost as a result, but rather preserved and made even more magical. Emma Watson stars as the protagonist, Princess Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast.

The narrative follows Belle on her quest to find her father who has been captured and imprisoned in the Beasts castle, on arriving at the castle she finds herself becoming imprisoned as well. In order to free her father she agrees to stay in the Beasts castle as his prisoner. After spending time with the Beast she starts to see beyond his frightening exterior and into his kind heart and soul, which leads her to start falling in love with him.

However Belle soon finds herself caught in the middle between the two men who want her, the Beast and Gaston and it is in this climatic end that leads her to confess her love for one of them, but which one she chooses, you'll have to watch and see.

New York Premiere Of 'Wish I Was Here' [Photos]

Zach Braff Kate Hudson Josh Gad Jim Parsons

Stars gathered for the New York premiere of Zach Braff’s spiritual sequel to ‘Garden State’, ‘Wish I Was Here’ on Tuesday night (July 15). 

The film sees indie favourite Braff back in the movie game following a hugely successful turn as ‘JD’ in hospital comedy-drama Scrubs. Following the sitcom, he found critical acclaim and a cult following with ‘Garden State’. 

‘Wish I Was Here’ is about a single father trying to experience life and raise his kids at the same time. It stars Donald Faison, Josh Gad, Kate Hudson, Jim Parsons, Ashley Greene, Joey King, Mandy Patinkin, and James Avery and will be released this Friday  (July 18) by Focus Pictures. 

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‘Once Upon A Time’ Casts ‘Frozen’ Anna And Kristoff: What About Elsa?

Scott Michael Foster Kristen Bell Josh Gad Disney

Once Upon A Time has cast Elizabeth Lail and Scott Michael Foster as Princess Anna and Kristoff in the ABC series' fourth season Frozen spin-off plotline. The events of the season will reportedly pick up where the Oscar-winning Disney musical left off, meaning ice cutter Kristoff will be seen adjusting to life at the castle.

Californication star Foster and newcomer Lail have both been cast in the lead roles, leaving only Princess Elsa still to be cast. Whether the team has a star in mind but casting news has been delayed to eke out fan antipipation a little longer or whether creators are still deliberating over the actress best placed to play the winter Princess is not clear.

Series creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis said that it had been hard for them to to get the rights to the Frozen characters as Disney didn't contact them with an offer. "We fell in love with the movie 'Frozen' when we saw it," Horowitz told TVLine.

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Parents Dismayed As Disney's 'Frozen' Dress Hits EBay For $1,600

Kristen Bell Josh Gad Disney Bob Iger

Parents across the globe are being faced with the prospect of logging into their eBay accounts, searching for "Frozen dress" and shelling out a cool $1,600 to keep their Disney obsessed kids happy. Stores across the U.S. have sold out of the replica dress worn by Princess Elsa in the most successful animated movie of all time, leaving parents to trawl through the auction site in the hope of getting somewhere near the $225 face value.

Frozen 'Frozen' Was A Huge Hit For Disney

"Every mom in the world is dying for this dress," said Costello, a Los Angeles marketing consultant with a "Frozen" obsessed 4-year-old. "The lucky moms who have found this dress for their daughters brag about their success and unanimously proclaim how their kid can't stop wearing it."

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'Catching Fire' Slips At The Box Office, While 'Frozen' Moves In For The Holiday Season

Kristen Bell Idina Menzel Jonathan Groff Josh Gad

After Frozen’s landslide (or should that be avalanche) success before the weekend, it should come as no surprise that the film has easily topped The Hunger Games: Catching Fire at the box office. After two weeks on top, Catching Fire was knocked over by the Disney animated feature, which raked in $31.6 million in weekend sales alone. Since its release on November 22, Frozen has earned $190.2 million, according to Rentrak.

Frozen Still
Besides being very seasonally appropriate, Frozen also boasts beautiful animation.

Frozen is a re-imagining of the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale The Snow Queen. The film, which tells the story of two estranged princesses in an icy kingdom, topped the box office in its second week of release, while Catching Fire fell behind with just $27 million earned in the Friday – Sunday period, according to Businessweek.

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'Thanks For Sharing' Could Have Gone In Harder, Say Critics [Trailer]

Mark Ruffalo Pink Josh Gad

Thanks For Sharing made its debut in American cinemas today, having premiered at this month's Toronto International Film Festival where it tested the water with critics.

Gwneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow At The
Thanks For Sharing Premiere.

Starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Mark Ruffalo, Thanks For Sharing marks the directorial debut for Stuart Blumberg and addresses a tricky issue we see cropping up more and more in modern films: sex addiction. Last year's Oscar-dazzled Silver Linings Playbook featured Jennifer Lawrence as a recovering sex addict whilst 2011's Shame addressed Michael Fassbender's destructive sex addiction.

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Ashton Kutcher And Josh Gad Protest Too Much In Wake Of 'Jobs' Criticism

Ashton Kutcher Josh Gad Dermot Mulroney Matthew Modine Steve Jobs

Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad have defended their latest film Jobs. The biopic has been heavily criticised in reviews. A number of critics have said the film is "excruciating and failing to entertain" (Slant) and "bland" (Variety). The latter comment is, by far, one of the most positive. 

Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher at the Jobs premiere, held at Regal Cinemas in L.A.

In an interview with USA Today, the two actors attempted to defend their position and the roles they obviously felt very connected to. 

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Ashton Kutcher And Josh Gad On Steve Jobs Biopic 'Jobs'

Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs Josh Gad Demi Moore Mila Kunis

Ashton Kutcher's latest film Jobs sees the 35-year-old actor tackles the role of Apple founder Steve Jobs.

Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher at the L.A. premiere of New Year's Eve in 2011.

According to IMDb, Jobs tells "the story of Steve Jobs' ascension from college dropout into one of the most revered creative entrepreneurs of the 20th century."

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Sex Addiction, Gwyneth Paltrow And Mark Ruffalo - 'Thanks For Sharing' Has It All

Gwyneth Paltrow Mark Ruffalo Josh Gad

Still fresh from Iron Man 3, Gwyneth Paltrow is starring in another film this year – the dramedy Thanks for Sharing, centered around the struggles of a group of sex addicts. It’s quite appropriate then that the trailer features Paltrow showing off the results of that organic/vegan/gluten-free lifestyle, by stripping down to some black lingerie. It’s all kept firmly PG, of course.

Watch the Thanks for Sharing trailer below.

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Jobs (Not JOBS, Mercifully) Trailer Drops Featuring Ashton Kutcher As Steve Jobs, Sort Of

Ashton Kutcher Josh Gad

The trailer for the, um, much anticipated Steve Jobs biopic Jobs (formerly titled jOBS, thank goodness somebody objected to that) hit the internet today. The film debuted at this year’s Sundance film festival and rumors that the production was struggling to find a distributor prompted speculation over whether it was going to be released at all. Lo and behold, it is getting released, as the trailer, in all its overly sentimental glory announces.

It opens with Steve Jobs, played by Ashton Kutcher, as a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed college student… until he drops out that is. From there he goes on to create Apple, along with friend and co-conspirator Steve Wozniak (Josh Gad). The trailer also features a tense scene with Jobs’ firing from Apple, as well as his subsequent return in dramatic fashion, while, we kid you not, Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us” plays in the background.

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Disney Release Teaser Trailer For New Animation 'Frozen' [Trailer]

Kristen Bell Idina Menzel Josh Gad Santino Fontana Glee

Frozen is due to be released on 27th November in the US and on 20th December in the UK, just in time for Christmas. The film will feature the voices of Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars), Idina Menzel (Enchanted), Jonathon Groff (Glee), Josh Gad (Ice Age: Continental Drift) and Santino Fontana (Submissions Only). Frozen will see two actors reunited: Jonathon Groff and Idina Menzel who appeared together in the musical seriesGlee.

The movie is directed by Disney veterans Chris Buck (The Little Mermaid) and Jennifer Lee (Wreck-It Raph) whilst many of the actors have experience with animation films. Gad provided the voice for Louis the molehog in Ice Age: Continental Drift and Menzel as Nancy in Enchanted (a sequel is currently in production also featuring her voice).

Frozen is based on Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tale The Snow Queen. It follows the story of Anna (Bell), who teams up with love interest Kristoff (Groff), in order to find her sister Elsa (Menzel), the Snow Queen, whose magic has caused the kingdom to have turned into a wintry and dangerous wonderland. Helping is a clumsy and buck-toothed snow man named Olaf (voiced by Gad).

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Life In The Old 'Jobs' Yet: Ashton Kutcher's Biopic Gets Nationwide Release

Ashton Kutcher Matthew Modine Dermot Mulroney James Woods Josh Gad

Ashton Kutcher's Steve Jobs biopic , which garnered average reviews at the very best following its screening at the Sundance Music Festival, will get a nationwide release through Open Road Films on August 16, according to industry publication The Wrap.

Originally scheduled for April 19, Jobs - about the legendary Apple entrepreneur - will now open against three heavyweight movies, Kick-Ass 2, Paranoia and the Weinstein's Oscar tipped movie The Butler. Elsewhere, IFC's Ain't Them Bodies Saints, Sony's Austenland and the TWC documentary Cutie and the Boxer will also hit theaters on the same day. 

The Joshua Michael Stern-directed biopic follows the Apple co-founder's journey from wayward hippie to one of the most revered creative in history. It stars Kutcher as Jobs, Josh Gad as Steve Wozniak, as well as James Woods, Matthew Modine, Dermot Mulroney, Lukas Haas an Ahna O'Reilly.

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The Internship - Clip

Former salesmen Billy and Nick are left unemployed after the owner of the company that they work for decides to become an internet only business rendering their door-to-door techniques obsolete. In a bid to get back on the career ladder, Billy manages to land them an online, webcam interview with internet giant Google which, admittedly, could've gone better. After initially establishing themselves as illiterate in the way of computers by shouting at their potential employers through a machine at a public library, they managed to cause them great alarm, not to mention confusion, with an animated description of what they would do if they were shrunk to the size of a nickel and placed in a blender. An odd question for a job interview, but possibly not one this wacky duo haven't thought about before.

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The Internship Trailer

Billy and Nick thought they were the perfect sales team, but their careers hit rock bottom when the owner of their company shut up shop due to the ever increasing internet preference among consumers. However, Billy soon manages to find a way for them to pick up a new, more stable job in the world of technological advancement and lands them an interview for an internship with global internet giant Google. As interns, they are made to compete for a full time job with an army of young, genius students who way out-geek Billy and Nick and whose expertise in technology is formidable. As much as they try and fit in with them, the students just can't help themselves and find every opportunity to take advantage of their computer naivety.

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Ashton Kutcher As Steve Jobs In JOBS Is "Uncanny"

Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs Josh Gad

Aston Kutcher has been dismissed before as a one-trick pony, a handsome guy who plays pranks on people for money. It's not a bad place to be, when you put things in perspective, but he's been trying to step out of that mould, and if his performance in jOBS is anything to go by, he should be taken seriously as a 'proper' actor. 

"If this story is going to get told, I want to get it told in a way that honors my hero," Kutcher told the audience at the Macworld trade show about reading the screenplay.  Actor Josh Gad stars in the film alongside Kutcher as Jobs' partner Steve Wozniak. "Ashton is going to blow a lot of people away. His performance was absolutely transformational," Gad told Us Weekly last November. "If he looked any more like Steve Jobs, I think it would just confuse a lot of people in thinking Steve Jobs never passed away. It's that uncanny."

The journey wasn't easy for Kutcher though, and his Jobs-like fruitarian diet landed him in trouble. "I ended up in the hospital two days before we started shooting the movie," Kutcher told the Associated Press. "I was like doubled over in pain, and my pancreas levels were completely out of whack, which was completely terrifying, considering everything."

"Very Wrong" - Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Unimpressed By Ashton Kutcher JOBS Clip

Ashton Kutcher Josh Gad Steve Jobs

Attention, movie fans. The inevitable has happened. We were all remaining politely tight-lipped over the whole ‘Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs in jOBS’ thing. We were being polite about it all, even though we knew it seemed like a terrible idea. It seemed as though the movie was being rushed out, ahead of Aaron Sorkin’s own effort on the same subject matter. And frankly, we weren’t convinced by the casting of Kutcher in the lead role. We may have been politely keeping our opinions to ourself, but Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak certainly hasn’t.

Speaking about a clip from the movie, which surfaced online ahead of the movie’s Sundance Festival premiere, Wozniak has declared that the film has got their characters all wrong, as well as the gestation of their professional working relationships. “We never had such interaction and roles,” Wozniak told Tony Hicks, for Digital First Media. “I’m not even sure what it’s getting at. Personalities are very wrong, although mine is closer.” The 62 year-old went on to say, in an email, that the scene shown online has turned the real story of Apple’s inception on its head. “The ideas of computers affecting society did not come from Jobs. They inspired me and were widely spoken at the Homebrew Computer Club (of which he was a member). Steve came back from Oregon and came to a club meeting and didn’t start talking about this great social impact.”

Wozniak hasn’t dismissed the movie outright, but this crucial scene certainly hasn’t hit the mark for him. “I never looked like a professional. We were both kids. Our relationship was so different from what was portrayed. I’m embarrassed, but if the movie is fun and entertaining, all the better.” Wozniak is played by Josh Gad in the movie, which gets a wider release in April 2013. 

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Jobs - Clip

Steve Jobs is the late founder of Apple Inc. and who was a technological pioneer in terms of computers and general electronics. 'jOBS' is the brand new biopic on this extraordinary and charismatic man who sadly passed away from pancreatic cancer on October 5th 2011 aged just 56. This movie chronicles his career from 1971 to 2011 beginning with his dropping out of the expensive Reed College in Portland, Oregon after only 6 months before going on to his first job as a technician which later saw him work with business partner Steve Wozniak for the first time; a partner who became a major player in the creation of Apple Computers.

This long awaited biopic is soon to be released following a lengthy wait since production began in June 2012; just eight months after Jobs' death. It has been directed by Joshua Michael Stern ('Swing Vote', 'Neverwas'), produced by Mark Hulme and written by Matt Whiteley in his screenwriting debut. Much of the filming even took place at Jobs' actual childhood home in Los Altos, California. The independent flick was chosen to close the 2013 Sundance Film Festival in January 2013 and is set for theatrical release in the US on April 19th 2013.

Director: Joshua Michael Stern

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Hot Tickets - US Movie Releases - Is Ashton Kutcher Up To JOBS? WTF Is Movie 43? And How Grimm Is Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters?

Ashton Kutcher Josh Gad Hugh Jackman Emma Stone Seann William Scott Jeremy Renner Gemma Arterton Jennifer Lopez Jason Statham

The movie industry is buzzing with excitement this week, as the Oscars move ever closer, news of the new Star Wars movies starts to break and the Sundance Film Festival is in full swing out there in Utah.

One of the biggest talking points of Sundance so far has been the movie jOBS. Starring Ashton Kutcher as Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, there’s been much debate over whether or not Kutcher’s lightweight acting style is going to be strong enough to lend jOBS any gravitas. A clip of the movie has been released, featuring Kutcher and Josh Gad (who plays co-founder Steve Wozniak) but no full trailer as yet. The movie opens today (January 25, 2013) and we’re predicting that the reviews are going to be a mixed bag. Gad insists that Kutcher’s performance in this movie is going to be the stuff that dreams are made of. We’ll wait and see what the experts think.

Watch the trailer for jOBS

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Release Date Set For JOBS: Will Ashton Kutcher Impress Us In Steve Jobs Biopic?

Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs Matthew Modine Josh Gad

A release date for the Steve Jobs biopic jOBS, starring Ashton Kutcher, has finally been set, ahead of its debut on Friday (January 25, 2013) at the Sundance Film Festival. have reported that the story of the late Apple co-founder will hit movie theatres on April 19, 2013. The film’s distributor made the announcement yesterday (January 23, 2013), ahead of the movie’s highly anticipated showing at the Utah film extravaganza.

This isn’t the only Steve Jobs biopic in the pipeline, though. Aaron Sorkin (the man behind The Social Network) is also working on his own biopic, based on Walter Isaacson’s biography of Jobs. jOBS, on the other hand is said to be based on information about the technology pioneer that is more widely available. jOBS also stars Matthew Modine, Josh Gad and Ahna Reilly.

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Mid-Season Replacement 1600 Penn To Make Full Bow On NBC

Bill Pullman Josh Gad

1600 Penn, one of the lucky shows to premiere as a mid-season replacement last month, is to return for a longer stretch starting tonight (January 10, 2013). The show has been created by 31 year-old Tony nominated actor Josh Gad and stars Bill Pullman, and its plot chronicles a dysfunctional family in the Gilchrists, whose father happens to be the President of the United States.

According to NBC New York, Gad has teamed up with real life President Barack Obama’s former speechwriter Jon Lovett to create the show, and he said that, though one of the lives involved was a fictional leader, it wasn’t so much about politics, and more about exploring the family dynamic –as well as a lot of laughter. “When we set out to do this, we really loved this idea of ordinary family, like any other family, in an extraordinary circumstance” the actor – who plays eldest offspring Skip – told NBC. “And I think as the episodes start to come out, you'll start to see this family become a very fun, cohesive unit that has their foibles but is absolutely in love with each other and absolutely teaching each other lessons week after week.”

Gad also revealed that he’d been given a two hour tour of the White House as part of his preparations for the show – describing it surprisingly as a “very small, intimate setting” – and also revealed a little more about what was going to happen further down the line. “We have the brilliant Hannah Simone from ‘New Girl’ coming on the show” he revealed, saying that she would be doing “do a role as this princess who goes on a date – she plays a literal princess of Andorra who comes to visit the White House. She's fascinated by Skip, absolutely, like in love with the idea of the chaos that is this character.”

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1600 Penn Premiere: You're Not Going To Laugh Very Much

Bill Pullman Jenna Elfman Josh Gad

Bull Pullman's new political drama 1600 Penn premieres on NBC tonight (December 18, 2012) and the first reviews have begun trickling in. The Independence Day actor plays the President of the United States, while Jenna Elfman plays his wife, the First Lady. Critics haven't exactly jumped for joy after watching the pilot, though Pullman fans shouldn't despair, there looks to be more to 1600 Penn than meets eye.

Entertainment Weekly has seen a handful of the first series and despite beginning its review with, "Here's the thing: You're not going to laugh very much, I'm guessing, at the 1600 Penn that premieres tonight," quickly adds, "But the show gets better; by the third episode, I liked the characters and I was laughing." The problem lies in the fact that masses of viewers probably aren't going to tune in for the first two episodes over the Christmas period - 1600 Penn could sink without trace. Though Pullman is the big draw, it's the performance of Josh Gad as the First Lady's stepson that appears to be winning all the plaudits. The American actor was lauded for his role in Broadway's The Book of Mormon and seems to be a natural when it comes to comedic timing. 

The Hollywood Reporter disagreed that it takes 1600 Penn three episodes to find its feet, saying, "By the second episode, 1600 Penn neatly has found its compass on how to be a show about the first family and how to define the ensemble." The San Francisco Chronicle almost avoided the predictable comparison to Armando Iannucci's Veep, saying, "1600 Penn may not be as sophisticated as the hysterical HBO series 'Veep,' but it's still pretty funny when all the cylinders are firing." The Boston Globe offered a similar review of the show, saying, "Then the second episode, and then the third, come along, and 1600 Penn evolves into a surprisingly likable single-camera comedy."

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Ice Age 4: Continental Drift Trailer

Sid, Manny and Diego are doing a good job so far of surviving the Ice Age but now a new danger is threatening to finish them off - continental drift. The three heroes are now living on a small iceberg in the middle of the ocean and they are determined to find the rest of the herd, while trying to work out how it all happened. Unbeknownst to them, the cause of the problem leads back to Scrat and yet another attempt at rescuing his precious nut.

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Love And Other Drugs Trailer

Jamie is the kind of guy who doesn't like commitment, sex and fun are the main things he looks for from the opposite sex and he enjoys his current way of life. A pharmaceutical salesman by trade, his job is another hugely important part of his life, when his company begin to sell a new male performance enhancing drug on the market, he feel it's a brilliant way of making money.

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The latest adaptation of Agatha Christie's 83-year-old classic whodunit, this lavish, star-studded film is old-style...

Marshall Trailer

Marshall Trailer

Thurgood Marshall (Chadwick Boseman) is well known for becoming the first African American Supreme Court...

Murder On The Orient Express Trailer

Murder On The Orient Express Trailer

It's the 1930s and a group of strangers from different walks of life board a...

Beauty And The Beast Movie Review

Beauty And The Beast Movie Review

This remake of Disney's 1991 classic is remarkably faithful, using present-day digital animation effects to...

Beauty And The Beast Trailer

Beauty And The Beast Trailer

Take a closer look at the cast of 'Beauty and the Beast' in the final...

Beauty and the Beast Trailer

Beauty and the Beast Trailer

To outsiders, the castle which sits on the outskirts of a small town is just...

A Dog's Purpose Trailer

A Dog's Purpose Trailer

If you're lucky enough to have a dog in your life, you'll know that you...

Beauty And The Beast - Teaser Trailer

Beauty And The Beast - Teaser Trailer

Disney have released the new teaser trailer for the remake of the much-loved animated film...

The Angry Birds Movie Movie Review

The Angry Birds Movie Movie Review

There's nothing particularly memorable about this frantic animated romp, which adapts the iconic phone-app game...

Angry Birds Trailer

Angry Birds Trailer

Angry Birds Movie is a screen adaptation from the popular game in which we follow...

Angry Birds Trailer

Angry Birds Trailer

Red lives on a sun-kissed tropical island full of plenty of other vibrant flightless birds....

Pixels Chris Columbus - Featurette Trailer

Pixels Chris Columbus - Featurette Trailer

Ahead of the release of comedy adventure 'Pixels' later this summer, the cast of the...

Pixels - Extended Trailer

Pixels - Extended Trailer

Back in the eighties, NASA sent a time capsule up into space to connect with...

Pixels Trailer

Pixels Trailer

In 1982, Earth created a time capsule of popular culture from the era, and sent...