Rocker Josh Homme found re-teaming with his former Queens Of The Stone Age bandmate Nick Oliveri in the studio "easy" as they remained friends after the bassist left the group.

Oliveri was kicked out of the band in 2004 following allegations of domestic violence, but he rejoined the act for upcoming record ...Like Clockwork, which also features Dave Grohl, Sir Elton John, Trent Reznor and Scissor Sisters star Jake Shears.

Frontman Homme has now revealed there was no tension in the studio during Oliveri's guest appearance, even though he hasn't worked with the group in nine years.

The singer tells MTV.Com, "Collaborations look much different to an outsider than they are for us on the inside. Nick and I have been friends since a couple weeks after everything went down (in 2004). People don't know that, and it would be awkward for me to run around making sure everyone knew it.

"Nick recorded his new record at my studio, and then he was going to drop off some records and he said 'Hey, need anyone to sing backup?' And I was like 'Actually, yeah, come on in.'

"It's that causal, and that's a nice thing. It was easy. It's nice to know someone since you were a little kid, and still know them."