Josh Hutcherson is the biggest ''baby'' out of Union J.

The 'Carry You' singer has been named and shamed by his bandmates, who think he's the wettest member of the group and claim he always cries hysterically at certain films.

George Shelley, the band's youngest member, said: ''Josh [is] a really big baby. He's the biggest softie ever. [He'll say] 'Sorry, I've just found an onion in my pocket, my shirt pocket.'

Josh conceded: ''I cry an awful lot. The boys describe me as the sensitive one of the group because I cry at every sad film. I watched 'Dear John' and I honestly sobbed my heart out, I was so upset! I'm quite a sensitive and emotional guy!''

The 'X Factor' stars - who made it to the semi-finals in 2012 - also branded Josh the worst loser, saying he makes up terrible excuses when he's thrashed at video games.

Jaymi Hensley quipped: ''Josh. Massively. He is the worst at losing. Such a sore loser. ''

J.J. Hamblett added: ''There'd be some sort of excuse.''

Jaymi laughed: ''My fingers stopped working! He'd never admit he'd been defeated.''

A bashful Josh admitted: ''To them it may look like I'm having a tantrum! I am competitive though...''