Josh Lucas has found co-parenting his son with his ex-wife ''amazingly enjoyable''.

The 42-year-old actor split up with his spouse Jessica Ciencin Henriquez in January after two years of marriage, but he insists they will always remain on good terms for the benefit of their 20-month-old son Noah Rev.

Speaking to, Josh explained: ''We're just basically now at a point where we're co-parenting in a way that's thoroughly and amazingly enjoyable.''

Despite their determination to get along with each other, the hunky star admits their split has been heartbreaking and he wouldn't wish divorce on his worst enemy.

He said previously: ''We have been through a divorce and divorce isn't something I would wish on my worst enemy. Even when in our case we have managed to do it not only amicably but as - hopefully in the end - great friends.''

Meanwhile, Josh admits he's more inclined to accept playful and funny roles that will benefit his son because becoming a father has not only changed his life, but his career as well.

He added: ''Me becoming a father has changed absolutely everything in my life, period. I am more and more wanting to be a part of things that [are] playful and more the things I see my son really responding to and enjoying.''