In two episode's time we'll have the last ever episode of How I Met Your Mother. It has been a long and undulating road for the hit CBS sitcom but the upcoming 31st March will hopefully give the series' devoted fans the finale they deserve.

How I Met Your Mother Cast

The HIMYM team's final outing will cap nine seasons, which is a pretty impressive feat: "I feel grateful that we all managed to get to the finish line. It's not every show that gets to run nine years and end on its own terms," says co-creator Carter Bays, who, has helped guide the show to its long-planned ending.

"A very practical decision Craig and I made was to have as much crying in the finale as possible, so that there's very little acting involved," he added, via USA Today.

Monday's episode revealed the futures of several minor characters: limo driver Ranjit makes some clever stock choices and now owns the company, turns our Blahblah's name is Carol, Sandy Rivers' questionable office behaviour lost him his job in America but not in Moscow where he has since been working, and Scooter married a Lily lookalike after meeting her in a love-at-first-sight moment at work.

Amidst the comedy and hilariously quotable scenes, the series hasn't shied away from addressing the emotionally tougher side of life, for example: Robin's infertility. That's why fans were whipped into a worried fluster recently when they were lead to believe that the Mother character (Cristin Milioti) is dead in 2030 when Ted is telling his kids the story.

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Without giving anything away, the cast have dismissed the rumours but this still hasn't stopped viewers from fretting that they won't get their triumphant "Ross and Rachel" finale. The season so far has mainly focussed on Barney and Robin's wedding weekend, which will be played out in next week's episode. That will leave the following Monday's finale open for something truly surprising as Ted takes a time trip from 2013 to 2030.

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