Josh Radnor, AKA Ted, seems pretty confident that the show will be wrapped up neatly but admits he'd have liked more time: "I think if you asked everyone, they'd say, 'We're happy with the ninth season.' I was a little on the fence about whether we should do it, although when we started discussing ending at the eighth season, I felt like that's not enough time to wrap this thing up."

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Josh Radnor [R] Has Assured Fans The Finale Will Be Worth It.

However the show decides to end, the cast are pretty confident that HIMYM will leave a pretty strong legacy. Alyson Hannigan compared the show's legacy to that of her earlier series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. "I feel like people will appreciate how great it was years from now. With the way technology is nowadays, you just put a binge on TV shows, this is a really good show for that. It's already starting to happen," she said.

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