Josh Radnor is afraid he might be allergic to ice cream.

The 48-year-old actor - who is best known for his role as Ted Mosby on 'How I Met Your Mother' - is a big fan of the frozen treat but endures sneezing fits after eating it and finds his supposed intolerance "really sad".

He said: "I might have some kind of milk allergy [because] when I eat ice cream, I sneeze for 20 minutes. It sucks because I love ice cream Jeni's Ice Cream is from Columbus, Ohio, which is my hometown, and I love their salty caramel flavor. I don't even want to talk about it, it's so sad."

Meanwhile, the former 'Mercy Street' star - who since his time on the NBC sitcom alongside Neil Patrick Harris has since gone on to a career in music - went on to reveal that when he last ventured from Ohio to record his album 'One More Then I'll Let You Go' in Tennessee, he took his dog Nelson with him on the road trip and described the pooch as an "unbelievable" travel companion after previously putting him in daycare which left him with a "totally different personality."

He told PEOPLE: "I drove from Columbus, Ohio, to Nashville a couple times with my dog Nelson to record some new music earlier this year. He's two and a half and an unbelievable travel partner. I had to put Nelson in daycare, and he came out with a totally different personality! We were worried, like, "What happened in there?" But a few days later he was back to himself. Teenagers."