Joshua Jackson is jealous of Diane Kruger.

The 37-year-old actress recently took on the leading role of Detective Sonya Cross in new FX series 'The Bridge' and Joshua, 35, who shot to fame as Pacey Witter in 'Dawson's Creek' insists her hours on set are much shorter than the ones he put in on the teen drama.

Diane told Us Weekly: ''He hates me because my experience has been like, I'm home for dinner every night, I don't have to work every day, FX wants me to think creatively. He's been on network television and it was very different.

''It's been super creative for me and he kinda hates me for it!''

Despite his jealousy, Josh has been offering advice to his girlfriend, with Diane explaining: ''He definitely alerted me to mistakes that he made and hopefully I can avoid.''

Diane recently insisted the couple's seven-year romance has lasted so long because of therapy.

She said: ''All relationships are hard. It doesn't matter what job you have, or how famous or miserable or poor you are. It's about commitment. The hard part is the timing. When you meet someone, are you ready to make them your number one priority?

''I'm grateful that I met a person who feels the same not just about me, but also about our relationship. But therapy helps, too.''