Joshua Jackson doesn't understand Women's fashion.

The actor has been dating former model Diane Kruger for three years, but revealed he can't comprehend why women put themselves through pain for the sake of looking good.

He said: "One thing I don't get are corsets. Why do women do this to themselves! Having been the boyfriend on the other side, strapping the woman I love into what looks like a medieval torture devise, I'm like, 'Darling, why do you do this?'"

The 32-year-old star also admitted he often wonders why women wear stilettos, and thinks they only dress the way they do to impress other women.

He told Britain's Cosmopolitan magazine: "So much of it makes no sense - like stilettos, you'd never catch a man wearing such things - I wouldn't want to stand in them for a minute, let alone eight hours.

"I don't think men are supposed to get women's fashion - after all you're not dressing for us, you're dressing for other women."

Joshua also claimed that while he loves seeing Diane all dressed up, he prefers the natural look.

He said: "Do you know what? I'd take Diane in her at-home sweats with no make-up on and looking casual any day."