Joss Stone doesn't want to be a celebrity.

The 'Super Duper Love' hitmaker is ''trying to fight'' being a celebrity and just wants to be able to perform and make music.

She said: ''I'm really trying to fight against this celebrity thing. I just want to sing and give concerts. And in order to do that, you don't really have to buy into all this celebrity stuff.''

The 28-year-old singer wants people to ''talk about my music and lyrics'' because she makes that ''public'', but everything else, she thinks should be allowed to be kept private.

She told the German edition of Glamour magazine: ''I would much prefer it if people would only talk about my music and my lyrics That's the part of my life I make public. Other things I want to keep to myself.''

Joss also previously admitted she is not in this industry to make money and doesn't care if people download her music for free, despite not being pleased with the ''bad quality'' the bootleg version of her album has.

She previously told the Mail on Sunday newspaper: ''To be honest, I don't care about the money. I don't care about people getting music for free as long as they are listening.

''What bothers me is if people are listening to bad quality recordings of music. The bootleg version of my album has the worst sound quality. That kills me.

''You work really hard, you get everything absolutely right and you want people to hear this sound you have created.''