Joss Stone doesn't care about money.

The British singer has amassed a multi-million pound fortune over the course of her career, but has claimed she's unconcerned about her own financial wellbeing.

Joss - whose new studio album, 'Water For Your Soul', has already been bootlegged - shared: ''To be honest, I don't care about the money. I don't care about people getting music for free as long as they are listening.

''What bothers me is if people are listening to bad-quality recordings of music. The bootleg version of my album has the worst sound quality. That kills me.

''You work really hard, you get everything absolutely right and you want people to hear this sound you have created - the real thing - not a bad version of it. It has to be the real thing.''

Despite such concerns, Joss revealed she's happy with life at the moment because she's in control of her own destiny.

She explained to the Mail on Sunday newspaper: ''It's not perfect, but then I don't expect perfect - no one should.

''The thing is, I get to make the decisions, I get to live my life.''