Joss Stone doesn't own a TV.

The 28-year-old singer has revealed that despite being among the richest British musicians under the age of 30, she enjoys living a simple life and has no interest in watching television.

She shared: ''I don't have a telly. I did buy a little one from Tesco a few months ago because my boyfriend wanted one but it disappeared. I never even switched it on.''

In fact, Joss claimed she's never heard a Taylor Swift song and doesn't even know what Rita Ora looks like, but is happy living the life she's chosen to live.

She reflected: ''I don't know whether I'm out of touch or just in touch with different things. I'm not actually convinced that television keeps us in touch with the world.

''But maybe that's just me. I think if you really want to connect with people, you have to go out there and actually be with them.''

Meanwhile, Joss recently held up production on her new album, 'Water For Your Soul', to ensure a packet of wild flower seeds was attached to every disc.

She told the Mail on Sunday newspaper: ''I had said that was what I wanted but I discovered that once everything was ready there were no flower seeds. I wasn't going to let them go out without them.''