One of the two men accused of plotting to kill the singer Joss Stone reportedly wrote a diary that included notes with the words “death,” “rob,” and “injure” in. Junior Bradshaw, 32 and Kevin Liverpool, 35, were arrested a few miles from Stone’s house in Devon, back in June 2011.

Liverpool was the accused man alleged to have kept the sadistic diary, which included reminder lists for himself, to buy items such as a semi-automatic gun, a silencer, a “ninja sword” and infrared equipment, according to a BBC report. He also left himself notes in the diary as a reminder to buy a hooded top, car insurance, a safe and to open a bank account. He had also included details of Joss Stone’s place of birth, a biography of her career in the music industry and referred to her as “princess.” They took a dislike to Stone in particular because of her connections to the Royal Family. In the diary, there were references made to the harm that they allegedly intended to do to Joss, with urban slang terms such as “wet” (meaning to repeatedly stab someone until their clothes are soaked with blood) and “popo” which is a reference to police.

The pair are on trial at Exeter Crown Court, where the jury are hearing the evidence. Both men have denied the charges of conspiracy to murder, rob and cause grievous bodily harm.  

Joss Stone
Joss Stone, pictured here in February 2013