Joss Whedon says 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' will see the Marvel superheroes ''get back to what's important''.

The director, who helmed the 2012 movie 'The Avengers', has revealed the much-anticipated new film will put the heroic status of the Marvel characters into context.

He said: ''We knew that we wanted to play with a lot of big, fun destruction, but at the same time, we wanted to say, 'There's a price for this'. So we got very specific about it, because whether the Avengers are heroes or not is called into question in this movie, or whether the hero as a concept is still useful for society.

''It sort of becomes the central issue in the final battle, and it's also a good way for Earth's Mightiest Heroes to be put at a disadvantage.''

Joss said the new movie will create a clear definition of a hero, which wasn't necessarily the case with the 2012 movie.

He told ''What a hero does is not just beat up the bad guy - a hero saves the people.''

What's more, Joss said it's important to portray destruction in a responsible way.

He shared: ''Something that [Marvel Studios boss] Kevin Feige and I talked about from the start was that we'd seen a little bit of a trend in movies where the city gets destroyed and the heroes say, 'We won!' And I'm thinking, 'Define win'.''