Jourdan Dunn wanted to get a tattoo in tribute to her son as soon as he was born.

The supermodel has a five-year-old boy, Riley, and once she welcomed him into the world she knew she wanted to get a piece of body art that would be a symbol of her love for him forever.

Speaking at the launch party for the new Limited Edition HTC One M9 INK smart phone at the ME London on Thursday night (11.06.15), she revealed: ''Just like how people use fashion to express themselves and music, body art is another form of individuality. My first one was the one I had was on the side of my hand, it's my son's name. Before this I was obsessed with body art, I just didn't know which one to have as my first one, so when my I had my son I was like boom I want my son's name on me printed forever.

''The one that's on my forearm is my first i-D cover and they put down 'Jourdan Dunn you owe it to yourself, set the world on fire'. Since then I've always kind of used that as my saying to go by.''

Jourdan has used her love of body art for her collaboration with HTC to create a unique design for the new HTC One M9 INK handset, of which only 150 are in existence.

She created a ''hamsa'' design and the open hand and eye of the INK design symbolises the need for Jourdan's protection and strength, whilst still being open and approachable in personality and style. The natural leaf-elements and patterns around the outside of each visual reflect the growth in creativity that she is feeling at this time, whilst the sun and moon together indicate balance and harmony in her character.

Explaining her handset design, she said: ''The hamsa hand represents protection and also represents good fortune health and luck, and I would want that on my own body art so thought you know to have that on a really beautiful handset. What attracted me to this project was the creative involvement of designing my own artwork. I think body art has become such a global trend because people are looking for new ways to express themselves.''

Other guests at the exclusive event - co-hosted by Jourdan - included Donna Air, Jameela Jamil, Sarah-Jane Crawford and Conor Maynard.

During the evening the stars were served HTC (P)INK cocktails created especially for Jourdan that were inspired by her favourite drink, a raspberry mojito.