In American memories of Jude Law are mainly fond. His inconsistent and often wooden performances just come across as English charm, while his good looks formed the base for a staggering career. But you can forget all that for Dom Hemingway, with the British actor piling on over 30 pounds to play the coked-up, larger than life safecracker.

Dom HemingwayThat's Jude Law's fanny

Question is: is America ready for a fat, ugly and naked Jude Law? The story sees Hemingway imprisoned for 12 years. Upon release, and feeling a sense of debt, the ex-con (less of the ex) decides to reclaim what is his for spending over a decade behind bars and keeping silent, so goes the code. 

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"He's got the most extraordinary, poetic and yet vulgar way of expressing himself. He loves the sound of his own voice; he does have an almost Falstaffian power with words," Law said of the character. 

"I like that idea that he was a man who had completely gone to seed and really let himself go spiritually, physically and mentally, but didn't quite realise it himself," Law added. "By the time we got to the end of it, I was desperate for a glass of water and a piece of lettuce as opposed to a burger and a can of fizzy drink and twenty Malboro," added the actor, referencing the measures he took to prepare for the role. 

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Reviews for Don Hemingway started out swimmingly – the film was released in November last year in the U.K. But subsequent critical responses have been lukewarm, leading to a 60% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which, for seasoned readers of the review aggregator, will know isn’t the worst score around. Still, ‘could do better’ looms over the movie like a bad hangover, something Mr. Hemingway himself isn’t a stranger to. 

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