Do we have a late entrant for best British movie of 2014? We're not actually running a competition - the BAFTA's sort of are, and Black Sea might win. On the face of it (of from the trailer), Kevin Macdonald's movie appears to be a formulaic adventure thriller. Sort of Das Boot-lite. And the makers managed to club together to pay Jude Law, for the posters.

Jude LawJude Law plays an Aberdeenshire submarine captain in Black Sea

Law plays a rogue submarine captain who pulls together a misfit crew to go after Nazi treasure on-board a sunken U-Boat at the depths of the Black Sea. However, as greed and desperation begins to set in on the team's claustrophobic vessel, the men turn on each other and begin fighting for their own survival. It's brilliant. 

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"Old-fashioned storytelling values and zeitgeisty relevance make for a worthy addition to sub-aquatic cinema's nerve-juddering legacy," said Trevor Johnston of Time Out.

"Law nails the Aberdeen accent and makes for a commanding presence as he tries to keep his bickering men focused on the mission at hand," wrote Matthew Turner in his review of The List.

"Though a contemporary story, it plays out like an old-fashioned dramatic-thriller, and while lacking standout action sequences it sustains itself thanks to atmosphere and performances rather than special effects and grandstanding sequences," said Mark Adams of Screen International.

Ben MendelsohnBen Mendelsohn co-stars in Kevin Macdonald's Black Sea

Law is undeniably the star of Black Sea. A underrated actor with incredible talents, especially with the right material. However, Macdonald's movie was by no means a steering job to critical acclaim - Law had to navigate the tricky Aberdeenshire accident, describing it as "a leap - you just hope it works."

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"Making a character have a regional accent seems like quite a bold move but actually it makes sense because everyone obviously has a voice - and when you find a voice for the character it can be hugely beneficial for layering on something for the part," he told The Independent.

Still, despite a commanding lead performance from the British star, Black Sea holds together because of its superb supporting cast that includes Ben Mendelsohn - increasingly becoming unrivalled in a certain role - Scoot McNairy and David Threlfall.

Black Sea is released in cinemas on Friday 5 December.