Hollywood star Jude Law blamed his now ex-wife Sadie Frost when their child swallowed an ecstasy tablet, a close friend of the actress has confirmed.

Pearl Lowe, girlfriend of Supergrass drummer DANNY GODFREY, has spoken out in defence of Frost over the incident in October 2002 at a children's party at London club, when two-year-old IRIS has to go to hospital after swallowing a discarded ecstasy tablet - although she says Law blamed his ex-wife.

Lowe says, "Sadie told me Jude was livid and was saying she had been negligent to let it happen. But there was absolutely nothing she could do.

"Sadie and I were on to it straight away. Sadie grabbed her hand and pulled this pill from inside her mouth. Iris had just licked a little bit of the tablet."

22/03/2004 01:50