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Jude Law talks about his new film 'Dom Hemingway', in which he plays the criminal title character, in a red carpet interview at the Toronto International Film Festival 2013.

'He's got the most extraordinary, poetic and yet vulgar way of expressing himself', he says of his character. 'He loves the sound of his own voice; he does have an almost Falstaffian power with words. I like that idea that he was a man who had completely gone to seed and really let himself go spiritually, physically and mentally, but didn't quite realise it himself.' However, he did admit that being allowed to do what he wanted for a few months took its toll. 'By the time we got to the end of it, I was desperate for a glass of water and a piece of lettuce as opposed to a burger and a can of fizzy drink and twenty Malboro', he confessed.


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