JUERGEN TELLER wanted to show Victoria Beckham off as a product.

The renowned photographer worked with the former Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer on a Marc Jacobs shoot in 2008 and he famously got her to pose with her legs hanging out of a carrier bag.

Talking about the reason behind the shoot, Juergen said: ''Before I met her, I'd always seen paparazzi shots of her. And it looked like she had no sense of humour, likes she was p***ed off. But she's really funny and doesn't take herself so seriously, and that's how I wanted to show her.

''What sells are products and I thought, 'Well, you're just a product, too, and I want you to be like a product in this bag.''

As well as Victoria, Juergen also worked with Kate Moss and managed to convince her to pose in a wheelbarrow.

He told Grazia magazine: ''We were having a walk around the grounds when I saw the wheelbarrow and suddenly thought, 'You should be in that wheelbarrow!'

''I had to convince her, yes, I have a certain determination. It felt right visually - I;m interested in life and how people are in real life. I can be very cruel and humorous and serious and silly. I think I have a relatively wide range - but that's how life is.''