Julian Casablancas has hinted The Strokes won't work together again.

The singer - who recently released critically-acclaimed solo album 'Phrazes for the Yong' during the band's hiatus - is delighted that his group's debut LP 'Is This It?' has featured heavily in recent polls to find the album of the decade, but doesn't believe it will be enough to get the 'Last Nite' hitmakers to make another record.

He said: "I really dig people are remembering our first album and it's figuring in these best-of-decade polls, but sadly that's not going to get us back into the studio."

The 'Hard To Explain' singer - who has previously said he felt pushed into recording a solo album because of the rest of the band embarking on their own ventures - also hinted at bad feeling with the rest of the group.

Asked what he plans to buy them for Christmas, he told the Scotsman webste: "This year, maybe nothing. Or is that bad? I have a gift bin where I randomly chuck stuff throughout the year so maybe I can find them some posters or something."