Julianne Hough split from Brooks Laich because she ''wasn't ready to build a family'' with him.

The 31-year-old dancer ended her marriage to the hockey star last month after three years together, and it has now been claimed that a disagreement about their future family plans is what led to their split.

A source said: ''In the last two years, those closest to Julianne and Brooks watched as they grew apart. Julianne seemed to be going through a period of self-discovery and change which isn't what Brooks had planned for. He loved the life they had and wanted nothing more than to build a family together but Julianne wasn't ready.

''[Brooks] isn't ready to date yet and is just trying to get used to his life as a single guy.''

The insider also claimed both Julianne and Brooks, 37, have found the split ''difficult'', and they are now each trying to ''get back to some semblance of normal life'' without one another.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', the source added: ''Julianne and Brooks truly were best friends, loved each other, and planned to spend their lives together despite their final decision to call it quits. This split has been difficult on both of them and right now they are doing everything they can to get back to some semblance of normal life without one another.''

Meanwhile, a separate source had previously said the former couple's split was a ''long time coming''.

They claimed: ''Julianne and Brooks' split was a long time coming. They argued a lot and just had different viewpoints on important issues.''

The source said the pair were ''trying to find themselves'' whilst quarantining apart, but there is no longer a ''romantic'' love between them.

They added: ''[They have been] trying to finding themselves separate from one another and deal with any issues they've faced that were exasperated while married. There's still a love there, but not in a romantic sense.''