In Paradise, the appropriately named Lamb Mannerheim takes the scenic route in coming of age. Scarred for life but still alive after a plane crash, Lamb shocks her home-town by taking off to Las Vegas where she meets William, a carefree bartender played by Russell Brand and Loray, a lounge singer with the cynicism to influence our main character into trying new things.

Julianne Hough Russell Brand Octavia Spencer in ParadiseJulianne Hough Russell Brand Octavia Spencer in Paradise

"I've got a heart full of rage and an L.L. Bean tote bag full of cash," Lamb says in the trailer. "I just want to experience worldly pleasures for the first time…the basic abominations," she adds. But are we in line for another coming of age story?

Watch the Paradise trailer here:

At the risk of getting this totally wrong, Paradise might just be the biggest flop of all time, there are signs that this could be this winter’s charming feel good movie to distract people from the miserable weather. It comes from Oscar-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody (‘Juno,’ ‘Young Adult’) which at least gives the film some pedigree.

Directing was “a challenge,” Cody told The Hollywood Reporter. “Honestly, I have to take a break,” she added. “Because my children are really small, and I learned that it is not easy to have a 12- or 14-hour work day with two little ones.” In an unusual move, DirecTV customers will get the chance to watch the film, from August 8th, before it makes its theatrical premiere on Oct. 18. The film will cost $10.99 for an HD rental and $9.99 for a non-HD rental. What’s more, Cody tweeted that people can watch the film “naked with a bag of Mint Milanos.”

Julianne Hough Russell Brand - love story?

Not usually known for his excellent turns in movies, Russell Brand is far more comfortable in a debate of performing live stand – it’s when he’s at his funniest, but the trailer shows what seems to be a more restrained character, which could allow his natural comedy to shine through.

Julianne Hough and Russell BrandRussell Brand is a lovable bartender

Julianne Hough Paradise
Holly Hunter and Nick Offerman play Lamb's judgmental parents