Julianne Moore has joined 'Another Bulls**t Night In Suck City' alongside Robert De Niro.

The 50-year-old actress has signed on to the Paul Weitz-directed project which is based on the memoir by playwright-and-poet Nick Flynn detailing his reunion with his estranged alcoholic father Jonathan.

The story sees Nick - who will be played by Paul Dano in the film - working in different homeless shelters in Boston in the 1980s when he discovers his eccentric dad Jonathan (Robert De Niro) is living in one refuge.

It is not yet known who Julianne will play, but she will also be joined by 'Juno' star Olivia Thirlby in the movie.

According to Deadline.com, Olivia will portray "Denise, the love interest" who helps get Nick a job at the shelter.

Julianne's casting was inadvertently revealed when the 'Another Bulls**t Night In Suck City' production team sent out a casting call for a "stand-in for Julianne [Moore]".