Actress Julie Christie hated filming her graphic sex scene with DONALD SUTHERLAND in DON'T LOOK NOW - even though it's one of cinema's most controversially classic moments.

Christie starred alongside Sutherland in Nicolas Roeg's 1973 thriller, regularly voted one of the most chilling films of all time.

But while her saucy antics gained her a certain notoriety, Christie says, "There was such a hoo-ha over the sex scene Donald and I did in this film. Even though it was pretend sex, it was tough on both Donald and myself.

"We didn't know each other, and we did the scene at the beginning of the film and we were dreadfully embarrassed.

"After the film came out, my stepfather said to me, 'I hope you're not doing any writhing in your next one.'"

28/05/2003 20:10