Julie Delpy's forthcoming film '2 Days In New York' is among the first batch of names to have been revealed by Sundance London for the UK film event that acts as a spin-off from the Utah-based version. As well as Delpy, '2 Days In New York' - the sequel to 2007's '2 Days In Paris'- stars universally known funny man Chris Rock and a supporting cast including Vincent Gallo, Dylan Baker and Kate Burton among others.

The premise of the film sees Delpy's character Marion recently separated from Jack, the main protagonist from the previous film, and living in, surprise surprise, New York with new boyfriend, played by Rock. What follows is of course a classic mix of cultural backgrounds as Marion's family comes to visit her and meets Rock's African-American family for the first time - not to mention the fact that her ex-boyfriend also decides to pop in too.

Other films include hip-hop drama 'Filly Brown,' and Josh Radnor'S campus romance 'Liberal Arts,' according to The Press Association. Documentaries meanwhile include 'Finding North,' a study of hunger in America, and 'Under African Skies,' which follows musical troubadour Paul Simon back to South Africa on the 25th anniversary of his revered 'Graceland' album. The event takes place between April 26th and 29th.