French movie star Julie Delpy was dumped by her Hollywood agent while she was writing the screenplay for cult hit BEFORE SUNSET - because he thought the film was a waste of time.

Delpy turned down the chance to star in a string of Hollywood blockbusters after having a terrible experience making AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS, and her furious agent decided to cut ties with her.

She says, "It (American Werewolf in Paris) was a total failure. It didn't make money. The film was not very good. That's when I decided not to do movies unless I fully believe in them.

"My agent dumped me when I was writing Before Sunset, because he thought I was wasting my time."

Delpy, who went on to get an Oscar nomination for co-writing Before Sunrise with co-star Ethan Hawke and director Richard Linklater, admits her agent-less years were very tough.

She adds, "I couldn't get hired and even when I did a good job, no one would notice it.

"I went from agent to agent and it didn't really work with anyone, and people would tell me terrible things. It was very difficult."

18/07/2005 09:29