Nearly five years after the success of Two Days in Paris, Julie Delpy returns to the cinema screen with Two Days in New York. Apart from the obvious change in location, a major difference between the two films is that Delpy's love interest - or rather, that of her character, Marion - has changed. In Two Days in Paris, that role was filled by Adam Goldberg. This time round, she is paired up with the comedian Chris Rock, who had the role written specifically for him.
Julie Delpy has a lot invested in the film; she not only stars in it but she also directed and co-wrote it. The movie premiered at the prestigious Sundance Festival yesterday (January 26, 2012) and Delpy and Rock spoke to reporters about the film and about working together on the comedy. The film, which also stars Vincent Gallo, has been compared, for its comic style, to that of Woody Allen and Delpy admitted that she was a fan of the notorious director: "I want to have his career. If I have his career I will be very, very happy and very, very lucky."
Delpy also spoke of the cultural differences between herself and Chris Rock, who does not speak French, so did not always understand what was going on on set, between her and her father (Albert Delpy), saying "It was better to keep it like that. If the film sometimes seems mayhem, like the dinner scene, it is really built that way. I have always been fascinated by language and being a foreigner in America.I think with human beings, there is a lot of misunderstanding already.but it gets even more when there are language issues." Following its premiere at Sundance, the film is set for release in France in March 2012.