French actress Julie Delpy is puzzled by U.S. fans' and journalists' reactions to her topless scenes in new movie Before Midnight because she was just trying to play an authentic wife in the film.

The 43 year old thought nothing of the breast scenes she helped write because she hates watching other actresses keep items of clothing on during intimate movie moments.

She says, "If you look at a movie like Bridesmaids... she (Kristen Wiig) has sex with a bra on with Jon Hamm. I mean, have you ever had sex with a bra on? Never."

And Delpy tells Entertainment Weekly magazine there was never a question about her baring her breasts in the film.

She adds, "Some women have come up to me and said, 'Don't you feel exploited...?' I'm 43. There's nothing fake about me. I'm not trying to be a sex object... I'm like, listen, my mum was a hardcore feminist. She demonstrated topless in the '60s. For me, showing my breasts is a lot more of a 'f**k you and I don't give a s**t'. I am who I am."

But co-star Ethan Hawke wishes audiences could understand why Delpy bared almost all for some of the scenes, adding, "At a Q&A (question and answer session) the other night at the Tribeca Film Festival, someone shouted out after the movie, 'Julie, you've got great t**s'."