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7th November 2013

Quote: "I had written a screenplay when I was 19, and I gave it to a very famous writer, and he read one page and he said, 'You're a very pretty girl'. Then I didn't write for four years." Actress and screenwriter Julie Delpy on her first script effort.

6th May 2013

Quote: "People tell me that after they saw Before Sunrise they went back to find the girl they were in love with. We're responsible for a lot of little children running around out there." Actress Julie Delpy on her romantic film trilogy, which ends with the upcoming Before Midnight.

5th May 2013

Quote: "That sounds exciting. We'd be together in our 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, then we'll be like the couple in Amour." Actress Julie Delpy is keen to continue the romantic Before Sunrise film trilogy she co-created with actor Ethan Hawke and filmmaker Richard Linklater.

22nd November 2011

Fact: French actress/director Julie Delpy is to make a movie about late The Clash frontman Joe Strummer. The Right Profile will chronicle the punk icon's life and career. Strummer died in December 2002.

8th August 2007

Fact: French actress Julie Delpy's agent fired her when she decided to write the screenplay for 2004 movie Before Sunset instead of sticking to acting, branding her script "retarded".

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