Julie Taymor has claimed that the producers of the ill-fated Spider-Man musical 'fraudulently induced' her to work on the musical whilst they plotted to oust her from the project and U2's Bono and The Edge were in on the act, she has alleged. On February 17, 2012, it was reported that Taymor had won damages worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, as she took the show's producers to court, claiming that she had not been compensated for the work that she had done on the musical prior to her dismissal. She was also successful in claiming future earnings from the show, which had been significantly altered since her departure.
A report from the Los Angeles Times, published online on March 2, 2012, states that Taymor's lawyers have now filed papers in response to a counter-sue from the show's producers. The Times has obtained a copy of the 46-page document and her lawyers have stated that a plan was in existence "to make changes to the musical without Taymor's knowledge during the show's preview period." They also claim that the plan was developed in secret by the co-writer Glen Berger and set designer George Tsypin, who then ensured that Bono and The Edge were on their side, as the writers of the show's musical score.