Juliette Lewis prefers singing to acting.

The 36-year-old star - who is about to release her new 'Terra Incognita' - is thrilled she decided to embark of a side singing project because she would have been "sad" if she hadn't tried her hand at an industry she loves so much.

She said: "Music is more personal and exposing than acting. I was really closeted about it for years, but decided I'd forever be sad if I didn't pursue being a songwriter. As I grew older and lived life, experiencing more things, I just knew I had to step out of the safety zone and do what I loved."

Earlier this year, the brunette star split from her group Juliette And The Licks, who she had worked with since 2003.

She has since started new band The New Romantiques, with who she has released her "earthy, warrior spirit" sounding album.

She explained to Britain's Elle magazine: "I'd describe it as 'a pixie in a 'Max Max' world'. It's a blend of glam with an earthy, warrior spirit.

"It's about upping the ante - with everything. The title, 'Terra Incognita', means unexplored territory. I'd been craving a deeper sound and a more courageous direction musically, lyrically, visually and emotionally."